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The Digita Template is gallery of free website template. We are developing Digita Template to showcase easy to use and one stop download of CSS, WordPress and Joomla Templates.

Aside on the converted html and functional template itself, we will includes the psd, fla’s, javascript, ajax script and other materials that you will need in creating your own website.

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We also developing the Digita Webmaster Forum that features community support, feedback and others webmaster resources.

Joomla – Apple Next Project

I been working with newest stable version of Joomla… The Joomla 1.5.3 Stable Full Package, like all other Joomla version, the recent Joomla installation is easy for begginer. This version is more faster and really seo friendly.

The administrator panel and all ajax functionality is simply amazing. The user interface was so brilliant, while the component and modules are easily to navigate.

If your beginner on PHP I don’t recommend Joomla, on this newest version, you will need at least intermediate knowledge on PHP. The template system are more complex and revolves around classes and different function. The new API’s are powerful but I think like other CMS this is lack on documentation. I have to asked Gerry for some reading of classes and functionality.
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