First Look at Adobe Experience Design CC

I have seen and heard the sound of unwelcome on the first preview of Adobe Experience Design CC.


Like InDesign or Illustration, in my experience this a combination of both software. The Adobe Experience Design, where you create your mock-ups for mobile and Web platforms using basic graphics and text tools, and Prototype, where you assign the flows from screen to screen. This software suppose to be a new all-in-one tool that lets you design and prototype websites and mobile apps.

Of course it has limited features such as reporting grids, automatic masking and cool features of Illustrations. This software is perfectly functional and great beginner tools. Lets wait and see on the final release on end of this year.

Responsive website with Matchmedia

Media queries is a great tool, but we often got a problem on loading time and optimization. Often time our website load all the things – even when they don’t apply.

Scott Jehl, Paul Irish, Nicholas Zaka attempts to optimise the loading of CSS based on viewport size and other factors. By using matchMedia() polyfill, we can now test whether a CSS media type or media query applies. Check out Paul Rhayes how to’s, experiment and Christian Hielmann Demo.

Your CSS

.mq {
  -webkit-transition: width 0.001ms;
  -moz-transition: width 0.001ms;
  -o-transition: width 0.001ms;
  transition: width 0.001ms;
  width: 0;

Javascript Event Listener

mql = (function(doc, undefined){

  var bool,
      docElem  = doc.documentElement,
      refNode  = docElem.firstElementChild || docElem.firstChild,
      idCounter = 0;

  return function(q, cb) {

    var id = 'mql-' + idCounter++,
      callback = function() {
        cb({ matches: (div.offsetWidth == 42), media: q });
      div = doc.createElement('div');

    div.className = 'mq'; = "position:absolute;top:-100em"; = id;
    div.innerHTML = ' #'+id+' { width: 42px; }';

    div.addEventListener('webkitTransitionEnd', callback, false);
    div.addEventListener('transitionend', callback, false); //Firefox
    div.addEventListener('oTransitionEnd', callback, false); //Opera

    docElem.insertBefore(div, refNode);
    //don’t delete the div, we need to listen to events
    return {
      matches: div.offsetWidth == 42,
      media: q


Javascript on the page

$(function() {
  var $dynamic = $('.dynamic');
  mql('all and (max-width: 700px)', change);
  mql('all and (max-width: 500px)', change);
  mql('all and (min-width: 1200px)', change);

  function change(mql) {

' + + ' — ' + mql.matches + '

'); } });

Apple iPhone 6 and OS X Yosemite

September 9, while Orville Wright celebrated his 106 years to flight the first 1-hr airplane at Fort Myer, Virginia, this is also the most awaited event day for Apple enthusiast, the iPhone 6 will be the most highlight device on the said event.

The bigger and better iPhone6 with 5.5 inches model, believe to have faster new A8 chip, NFC chip, Heart rate EarPods, upgraded LTE modem, wireless charging, Sapphire glass and LiquidMetal design and new logic board that will boast the much-aniticapted power device. The battery in the iPhone 6 will probably be bigger and more robust. The latest reports say the 5.5-inch device will come with a 2,100mAh battery, the bump will be smaller and the iPhone 6 will have a 1810mAh battery.

The iOS 8 with the same beautiful design features as iOS 7, with new API called HealthKit with a corresponding Health app that will help you organize the data from the increasingly huge number of wearable devices on the market. Otherwise, expect to see more useful options in the Camera app, well their are no inidcation it will have six camera and motion sensor. The good news is now we can able to switch seamless between Apple devices, without losing or needing to transfer your work, thanks to a new feature called Handoff. Notifications, Contacts, Mail, and Spotlight all get incremental improvements in iOS 8. And finally, an exciting new feature called Extensions will finally let apps talk to each other. You can now use third party keyboards, wowee.

OS X Yosemite

While Apple already announced the latest version of its Mac operating system, OS X Yosemite, we can now say goodbye with our OS X Mavericks, Yosemite includes a user interface redesign, as well as major new features focusing on seamless integration between Mac and iOS devices, a new cloud storage system called iCloud Drive, as well as the ability to make phone calls and send text messages through an iPhone.

Moca the cost effective mobile medical diagnostics

The software called Moca has been developed to run on Android, this is a new mobile application that enables easy diagnosis of patients in remote areas. Moca integrates the Android based medical diagnosis application with the open source OpenMRS medical records database system.

The project was started with a mission to provide flexible and scalable IT architecture to empower social entrepreneurs and NGOs to scale rural health diagnosis using mobile information and communication technologies.

An initial trial is set to happen in the Philippines, home of the project’s lead Dr. Leo Celi, where the device promises to be a boon to that country’s remote areas where there is a lack of doctors.