Applebyte excited about Microsoft Kinect

On the eve Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, Microsoft entertained game enthusiast by unveiling the Project Natal that officially called Microsoft Kinect. It will be available on November and it was been forecast ranging from $130 to $200++.

This newest motion controlled game gadget features Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and Joy Ride.

Source : engadget

* Almost everything was one person at a time, particularly in the Kinect Sports games. Even a game like beach volleyball or soccer was boiled down to individual “moments” of interaction that get strung together into some sort of competition. Even the running in place games were one at a time, though the river rafting and mining cart games (both with a similar mechanic of jumping and ducking through an obstacle course while picking up tokens) could be played with two people at a time. You can at least play games like volleyball simultaneously with someone else over Xbox Live.
* An interesting mechanic we saw was a second player “jumping in” to a game. In the mining cart scenario, when the second player jumped in it immediately went split screen, while in soccer different players took turns by just jumping into position. Sure, some of this stuff was edited for our benefit, but it seems Microsoft is working to make the introduction of a second player or the switching between players something less button-heavy.
* The Star Wars game was pretty badass-looking — you play a Jedi, rushing down stormtroopers and deflecting laser bolts left and right, wielding a few Force powers, and confronting a certain deep-voiced Sith Lord for a one-on-one duel. Based on the gestures and action we saw, though, it was a pretty heavily scripted experience. Still, there’s no scripting a two-handed light saber grip, and that particular action looked like everything we’ve ever wanted in a Star Wars game.
* The yoga game is actually a pretty smart use of the infrared and joint detection software we espied previously. Positions were “checked” by points on the joint — making it certainly harder to fake the moves on Wii Fit — and it seemed to have a tai chi element to it. Your avatar glowed a more intense red based on your three-dimensional approximation — bright red for hands stretched forward, for example.
* Next up: Kinectimals, a baby tiger pet simulator. You can scratch its ears, snuggle, and teach the little guy to jump and play dead. Adorable? Dangerously so. No one can tell us the developer, but based on the lighting effects, art style, and similarities to the previously-shown Milo, we’d wager a guess that it was Lionhead Studios.
* The Kinect menu interface is about as simple as could be. You wave your hand to control a glowing cursor of sorts, and you push forward to “click” on the element you want. Of course, there’s also a very simplified version of the Dashboard to go along with this control mechanism, so it’s unclear if you’ll be able to do everything via subtle hand waves, but the Twitter, Facebook, Zune and Netflix icons were clearly present.
* The MTV Games-developed Dance Central has some on staff divided — only Ross will actually admit to being interested in playing it. A series of dance moves are presented, including elbow jabs, swinging leg, guitar, “rocking out” (with your hand in the air). The art style is akin to Rock Band / Guitar Hero, and to be fair, this is probably one of those games that can’t be done as well on any other console.

I love my Itouch

Ok. I did not score the newest craze Ipad, but Gerry bought me an iTouch.

Wowee, finally i said  goodbye to my old ipod shuffle and my hp window mobile. iTouch makes my life easier, i was able to listen to my fav song and read my .lit ebook through Stanza. Gerry installed free version of  Red Alert Game and Asphal and it was amazing (I will keep using my gentle persuasion to buy the Red Alert Full Version).

First day experienced.

I got a few problem on logging at ipod touch iTunes. Well, I dont want to put a credit card account. I found a few tricks on how to create an iTunes Stores without credit card.
a. At your desktop application iTunes… goto >> App Store
b. You must search free application or you can get here.
c. Choose an application, then click ‘Get App’ button.
d.  Sign In pop-up window will appear then click CREATE NEW ACCOUNT . Click Continue.
e Check the box next to where it says “I have read and agree to the iTunes Terms and Conditions.” Click Continue.
f. It was required and you need to enter your email address, create your password, continue to create and answer your security question, then enter your birthday. Enter every required detail. Click Continue.
g. Select None as the payment option.
h. Continue to fill out the required name and address fields. You’ll then come across a page that says ‘Verify your Account’.
i. Click Done and then check your for a verification email from iTunes Store.
j. Open the email and click on the link enclosed in the email to activate your account.
k. Congratulations! You have your iTunes account! Click Done to be taken to the App Store home page.

Love to have Ipad of Apple

I been waiting for so long and excited about the released of this Apple Tablet, but after I watched the online demo of Steve Job I got frustrated because still it doesn’t play flash, (how can play Cafe World on this big gadget).

I thought Ipad is the junior of  MacBook or Mac Air, with the touch technology, frustrated to found out it was the big brother of Iphone and Itouch.

But well, it look like its going to be my gaming gadget, ebook-reader (way much better on Kindle), DVD player, email tool, home computer, photo-viewer, TV and ‘do just about anything at a touch’ (thanks to Apps) and way cheaper than a MacBook.

The review was not that nice and I still want to know the pros and con of Ipad.  Until then, after 60 days of consumer review, i will  keep my wallet in the pocket.

Apple Magic Mouse

Another gesture technology from Mac, the Apple Magic Mouse. Some of review told us, this Apple breakthrough, the hands-on, a wireless mouse has one piece of clear white plastic on the top, curved, like a soap bar. Very sexy and pretty… And yes it has both right and left clicks, like the any other usual pc mouse, but differentiates itself from other mice with its touch-sensitive scrolling and two-fingered gestures.


Well the new Apple Magic Mouse used laser sensor not as advanced as Darkfield and BlueTrack of their competitor. Absolutely it will doesn’t work with Windows PCs. Some claimed that they felt awkward and unnatural sliding their middle and index fingers across the flat surface of the shell to navigate through several Web pages. Even worse, if you don’t have a uniform grip on the sides of the mouse with your thumb, ring, and pinky fingers, the shell can easily get away from your hand–this is why a touch surface with no hard buttons just doesn’t make sense on a mouse.

Well, they will improve it. I just wish instead of magic mouse, i preferred the magic touch screen for desktop monitor 🙂

The New iPhone 3GS

FYI iPhone 3Gs available at $199 and the iPhone at $99. While, after the Apple’s WorldWide Developer’s Conference, Ed Baig discussed the event and the woweee of the iPhone 3GS


“Finally — we get to the iPhone!  There are now more than 50,000 Apps in the App Store, Apple says.  The free iPhone Software Developer Kit has been downloaded a million times.

iPhone sofware 3.0 is a major update that comes with more than 100 new features.  One of them is cut, copy and paste — about time!  It will work with all apps.

MMS will allow iPhone owners to send and receive photos, contacts, audio files and more in real-time over a cellphone network, using the same application that supports text messaging.  Carrier support is needed, and AT&T (the iPhone’s only carrier in the U.S.) will not add it until this summer.

You can search contacts, calendar notes, and email.  (The new Palm Pre, an iPhone rival, does not currently have email search.)

An iTunes update allows you to rent and purchase movies, TV shows, and audiobooks from your phone.

Lest Junior use that feature to see something he shouldn’t, new parental controls can restrict iPhone viewing to only age-appropriate programs.

A new tethering feature has the potential to be a big deal.  If no Wi-Fi is around, you can share the iPhone’s Internet connection with a nearby PC. It works with wired USB or Bluetooth.  It also requires carrier support — and it looks like AT&T wasn’t on the list of companies offering it.

An “Erase all data” command allows you to remove all your private information if your iPhone is lost or stolen.  If you find it again, you can get your information back by syncing it with iTunes.  Nice.

Peer–to-peer support lets you play games with nearby iPhone owners.  You connect via Bluetooth.

Some new tools for developers will make it easier for them to build add-on hardware devices, and software that uses Google Maps.” — Ed Baig on Liveblogging

Apple’s Sunday

I really love Sunday, its the church day. But why! oh why! I had a bad dream and difficult to breath today.

Anyway, I started my day grabbing my med, fixed Gerry’s breakfast and decided to open my laptop. Well, Gerry is planning to buy a Mac Book Pro or Mac Air on the end of year so I decided to clicked the Apple Website.

My eyes caught the Back to School Promo of Mac >> Buy a Mac, get free iPod touch… The Promo will end on September 8, 2009.

Then I realized that Apple offered other Rebates such as :

Printer Promotions >> Purchase an Apple computer and a qualifying printer between April 21, 2009, and July 20, 2009, and receive a rebate up to $100.

IWork >> $30 upon purchase of  iWork ‘09 between April 21, 2009, and July 20, 2009

MobileMe >> Receive a $30 rebate on MobileMe upon purchase between April 21, 2009, and July 20, 2009

Well it Apple’s Sunday… Rebates, give away and Promos… Cool!

Tokyo Web Trend Map

Last 2007 Information Architects (iA) of Japan, initially released a web trends map.

It maps the 333 leading Web domains and the 111 most influential Internet people onto the Tokyo Metro map.

Domain are carefully selected and chosen through dialogue with map enthusiasts, they evaluated it based on traffic, revenue, age and the company that owns it. Cool!

The Latest version still on Beta. You can check it out!

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Plurk Increase Productivity

According to the Australian Study, workplace Internet leisure browsing can increase employees productivity.

Internet workers or web factory workers need to zone out for a bit, short and unobtrusive breaks, such as a watching a 2 mins Youtube video, reading Anime or sharing or ranting at twitter and plurk, enables the mind to rest itself, leading to a higher total net concentration for a days’ work, and as a result, increased productivity.

“People need to zone out for a bit to get back their concentration,” Coker said on the university’s website. However, Coker said the study looked at people who browsed in moderation, or were on the Internet for less than 20 percent of their total time in the office. Nice one Coker… Australian are really cool!

Linux.Com now owned by Linux Foundation

linux-foundationLinux Foundation a nonprofit consortium, sponsoring the work of Linux creator Linus Torvalds and is supported by leading Linux and open source companies and developers from around the world. Now will be the new host for Linux.Com while SourceForge will support the Linux Foundation by continuing to sell the advertising for Linux.Com

Geek circle around the globe alerted on this news. Hoping that Linux Foundation help the SourceForge financial woes.

While the Linux Foundation is currently working on a new beta version of the site that it will release in a few months.

Wireless Kindle 2.0, goodbye paperback

Just yesterday, Gerry and I have a conversation of what I see myself after 10 years or so… I told him, I see myself on the herb garden, sitting on a couch, sipping a tea, laptop on the side and reading a book, reading lots of books… Maybe because I was really love in the Twilight Saga, a friend of mine gave me the audio and I downloaded the  pdf book version.

Yup… I tell you, its not a paperback books rather a gadget, thick as paper board, wherein all my favorite books stored. Then I saw the the Amazon revealed the Wireless Kindle 2.0, it’s an e-book reader you don’t even have to read — it reads to you. Yup it has a built-in text-to-speech. Currently, the Kindle store offers just 31 newspapers and 22 magazines, good start but not yet impressive since thousands of periodicals published around the world.

The new Kindle is actually a bit taller than the old one, yet the 6-inch screen is exactly the same size, SD CARD slot up to 2GB, Amazon’s 3G Whispernet wireless tech to automatically sync your content between multiple Kindles.

Wireless Kindle 2.0

But I still love the touchscreen tabloid called FirstPaper of Media giant Hearst Corp. which is Linux Based. But you can choose to any available ebook reader in market at a price that’s close to e-readers such as the $280 Sony Reader, the $399 Amazon Kindle or the $350 Ectaco Jetbook. Still you can buy a laptop for affordable price of $699.