The future of Drag and Drop WordPress

As a WordPress Designers, I always creating so simple design that just about anyone could use it. A year ago I saw the first few drag and drop wordpress template. I was been so excited back then. I can do thousand of possibilities in one website and not losing my creativity. Dreaming of creating perfect layouts that match the client requirement without coding.

As a web developer, I was also crazy about delivering a perfect site with flawless functionality, based on the client requirements then deliver it to a customer and the left alone. I want to live the rest of my life without constant clients call, tweaking back and forth.

We need meet halfway on this thing, I believe the future of WordPress Core is drag and drop, but not right now. WordPress themes do not have any drag and drop functionality to build layouts right out of the box. Most of these drag and drop themes heavily rely on plugin or theme specific WordPress shortcodes to output complex DOM structures for rows, columns, containers and widgets. By using such a theme or plugin your theme is becoming reliant on these shortcodes. Drag and drop theme entire frontend presentation of the layout is reliant on the plugin to output the code, once you detouch everything, you will have a constant called on your client.

Its not a secret drag and drop wordpress theme have large nested structures make things like code clarity and debugging harder. A large number of nodes also can lead to slower sites.

A designer friend of mine, used a popular drag and drop WordPress, ends up asking me to fixed his client website and remove the client access to the Theme Builder. He told me that he will go back to Starter Theme again and create a theme based on his client requirement only.

Classic Blue Template

Classic Blue Template

Blue is a colour, the perception of which is evoked by light having a spectrum dominated by energy with a wavelength of roughly 440–490 nm. It is considered one of the additive primary colours. The Classic Blue Template was one of the first I created. I think I was thinking to have a henna tatoo when I created this template.

WordPress Auto Correct and Mobile Plugin

Wowee… Finally, Gerry released his auto correct and his famous Mobile plugin for WordPress.

The Auto Correct is a simple plugin that lets you correct all occurrences of “wordpress” in your posts and pages with the proper “WordPress” spelling which is with a capital “W” and capital “P” … Download Here

And his famous Mobile plugin that detect whether a visitor on your web site is using a web browser on a mobile device. Download Here

Real Estate WordPress Plugin

I just browsing the WordPress 2.7 plugins and stumble a cool real estate plugins.

The Great Real Estate plugin for WordPress, which showcasing your home property listings, featured home widget, support Gallery Plugin such as Next Gen and much more!

While the Mortgage Loan Calculator and Mortgage Rates Plugin for WordPress both are great value-add for any loan officer or real estate agent looking to provide good-looking, functional, valuable content to readers while it also supported the widgets theme.

Angel Dance of the Forest

I woke this morning before morning light
My head was filled with dreams of fright
As often happens during the night.
But we’re on vacation and what a delight
To walk the trails; to see all the sights.

The inviting forest path beckons “Come”
With its cooling breeze and soft gentle hum.
“Enjoy the glorious daybreak anthem
Listen to the beat of a different drum!”

A touch of chill when I stand real still
The scent of ozone as I climb a hill.
The early birdcalls loud and shrill
Remind me that nature is free goodwill.

The morning sun has yet begun
To reach the treetops high
It climbs through the morning hue
And turns the sky from pink to blue.

by Linda Meikle